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Speed Matters! It’s a fact that the diamond sharpening gives a sharper, cleaner and more consistent sharpening. As such, the hollow grinding will be the same for every sharpening. SkatePal-Pro3’s precise diamond sharpening is the start of a new era in superior on-ice performance and sets a new standard. It couldn’t be easier, simply clamp in the skates and you’ll have perfect edges in just a few minutes.

The longer version of SkatePal, SkatePal-Pro3-LONG, sharpens long distance and speed skates using the same automatic principle that governs ProSharp, and is also perfect for ice hockey and figure skates.

SkatePal-Pro3 is ideal for a shop or club, and the SkatePal-Pro3 can also produce the revolutionary Channel Z sharpening!



• Maximize acceleration, agility and speed

• Unmatched sharpness and edge control

• Easy operation, consistent sharpening

• Eliminates uneven edges and overworked steel blades



• Retains the blade profile and hollow

• Rapid change grinding wheels and hollow

• Cold Diamond Cut skate sharpening

• Automatic centering of skate blades

• 2-4 mins per pair


• 1 phase 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz 180 W

• Length 670 mm

• Width 220 mm

• Height 320 mm  

• Weight 15 kg

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