Brand: Prosharp

X-3 Diamond & Ceramic Hone

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HONING – As important as sharpening

As important as sharpening a blade correctly you have an equal important job to do by honing the blade to aximize speed and performance.

ProSharp provide hones for doing correct honing in these 4 easy steps:

  1. Start with a ceramic PFB flat on each side before the sharpening process (dry)
  2. After ProSharp sharpening use the X-3´s diamond side flat on each side (dry)
  3. Use the X-3´s ceramic side. first flat then 5 degrees angled, on each side (with oil)
  4. Finish with the PPB on each side and 1 stroke light in the bottom of the blade (dry)

    Now you will have a perfect tuned skate blade for gaining same feeling as the professionals does!
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