Brand: Bauer

Bauer Fly-Ti Blades


This Bauer Fly-Ti Runner will fit into Bauer Powerfly and Lightspeed Edge plastic holder.

ProSharp co-operates daily with skating instructors, coaches and players on all levels. 
Target is always to increase player’s acceleration, agility and speed on ice. 
Quality and the profile of the skate blade is very important part on the way to success.
Now you can order high quality blades directly from us via our web shop.
Several options are available but in general we have blades that will fit all the common skates on the market.

Special players’ models are also available. You can get your blades profiled by ProSharp by choosing the desired profile below.

Choose your blade size from below.

From the other box below you can choose the desired profile and from the third box the chosen radius of hollow.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.
Blade Size
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Radius of Hollow
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