Brand: True

True A5.2 SBP, Senior (2016)

Senior 420g 75-85-95-105 TC2, TC2.5, TC4, MC, HCS, HCR

  Finish: Matte Grip with Matte Blade



  • Chosen by NHL and amateur players alike for its reliable STRENGTH, optimized BALANCE and explosive POWER.  
  • New in the 2016 A5.2 sbp is TRUE Hockey’s patented BRT blade technology. This improved braided tube rib structure has proven to be up to 50% stronger than its predecessor the ABII while maintaining the stiffness and same EXPLOSIVE POP throughout the life of the blade.
  • Feature’s TRUE Hockey’s industry leading patented Axenic technology resulting in ultra- consistent wall thickness and unmatched BALANCE.
  • Completing the package is TRUE’s Smartflex Technology with low kick stiffness profile resulting in MAXIMUM POWER – from any shooting position - with any shot type.  
  • Made TRUE for:   Any level of player who is seeking elite shooting performance and strength.
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