Brand: Step

St Mako Blacksteel (Easton Mako)


STEP Mako Blacksteel will fit into Easton Mako plastic holder

The pinnacle of blade technology

Exhibiting power, strength and precision, the Step BLACKSTEEL is the pinnacle of blade technology.

Pushing the V-STEEL expertise, the Step engineers added a Diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating to the mirror side finish, which results in a greater blade performance by generating a winning combination of a low coefficient of friction and high surface hardness. The outcome is an elite and distinctive looking runner.

Special players’ models are also available. You can get your blades profiled by ProSharp by choosing the desired profile below.

Choose your blade size from below.

From the other box below you can choose the desired profile and from the third box the chosen radius of hollow.

Step blade sizing chart (HERE)