Elozo D800 Ozone Cleaning System

Product ID: 1355

An Elozo D800 eliminates foul odours, bacteria, mold spores and other microscopic impurities in costumes, footwear and other items efficiently.

The former versions of a D800 Series have now been replaced with a single new device that we simply call as a D800. The new version of a D800 sports new door mechanism for improved customer experience as well as easy-to-use, customizable touchscreen user interface. The new version is the most powerful device ever in a D800 Series by far.

The system is easy to use:

1. load costumes/items into the cleaning chamber
2. choose one of the predefined cleaning programs or create your own program manually
3. start the cleaning program and wait until the program ends
4. unload the system

The system is connected to a ventilation system, which ensures optimal performance for any device that uses ozone for deodorizing and disinfection. For further information about the importance of having a ventilation connection, please visit Elozo.

The product has been patented.

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