Elozo D2000 Ozone Cleaning System

The new D2000, the biggest Elozo system to date, is an ideal system for treating large items such as pressure relief mattresses, ordinary mattresses, tools etc. that are challenging to deodorize and clean with conventional methods. Additionally it can treat large quantities of clothing and small items with a single cleaning cycle. Like its smaller versions a D2000 is an efficient remover of foul odours and microscopic impurities in different materials.

-Dimensions: Width 1800 mm, height (depending on the used caster type) appr. 1900 mm, depth 835 mm

-Dimensions of the treatment chamber: Width 1599 mm, height 1580 mm, depth 798 mm

-The volume of the ozone chamber is 2016 litres

-Weight: appr. 200 kg

-Made of stainless steel

-The device is easy to operate from a 7" touch screen

-The system must be connected to a ventilation system. Occasional intake of fresh clean air, circulation of it and removal of dirty air with impurities from the treatment chamber during the cleaning process is essential.

-Electricity consumption is low with 0.33 kWh (average power consumption, if the cabinet is continuously ran with max. power)

-The product has been developed in Finland by Elozo Oy

-Patented in the European Union

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